Tuk Tuk Cartel was founded with a rebellious spirit and a bold objective: To identify innovative projects in underdeveloped regions in all corners of the world that truly make a difference and support them with a community of individuals and corporates who want to make a change in this world.

When Tuk Tuk Founder Alain Buffing took on the task to find a volunteer trip that was unique, challenging, and truly impactful, he quickly realized that what he was looking for simply was not out there. And thus, the lightbulb went on and Tuk Tuk Cartel was born.

We know that real innovation and impact is about solving problems, and ours was obvious. There were no transparent organizations catering to people who not only want to volunteer abroad, but want a really authentic, tailor made experience that immerses them in local culture. Furthermore we found that it was very difficult for companies to partner with local charities in order to give back.

So at Tuk Tuk Cartel, we are establishing a new kind of NGO. We want to connect individuals and corporates with local organisations in developing countries in order to make a global impact. We want to offer adventurous volunteer projects with innovative organizations in developing countries. In order to support these projects we want to build a community of generous world-changers who focus on sustainability and innovation. We are reinventing the non-profit wheel on a global scale.
In our way of working we strive to be an efficient organization and work with the 80/20 principle also known as ‘Pareto-principe”.

In practice, it entails the following:

80 % of energy and focus goes to current projects, 20 % to further ambition / planning / exploring new roads;
80 % of our funding gets from 20 % of all donators;
80 % of meetings are virtual / mobile and 20 % are on site with the entire team;
80 % of people that will join on our projects are volunteers, 20 % will be the board members, ambassadors and partners of Tuk Tuk Cartel.

The plan is outlined in our businessplan will provide insight into the way we work. Also it is important to note that none of our board members or team members enjoy a salary and that our NGO has a non-profit status, thus we are never looking to make a profit.


Alain Buffing, Nanning Jacobs and Ramon Dijkstra